When our work works for you,
it works for us.

A print campaign
that has gone viral online.

Because clove is the hero.

Perhaps the first toothpaste commercial where the key ingredient is not relegated to 4 seconds in the product window. Clovaswamy launched the brand.

How do you make an ad film
when you work from home?
You work from several homes.

During the lockdown period, while brand after brand offered tips on sanitising and hand washing, whether it was a fit or not, we figured that there was a lot of interesting stuff people were doing at home. A lot of it had to do with teeth. This film was shot in homes across Gurgaon, Mumbai and Oslo.

There are many things our teeth do.
Like cut through the clutter.

Toothpaste ads have long spoken of bad breath, cavities and germs. Over time, they have become blind spots. We offered a fresh take with all the things we do with our teeth besides eating.

Good agencies
keep an ear to the ground.
We heard rap.

Sometimes, your client can be another agency. We collaborated with Arms Communications for Flite. Building on the fact that Indian youth was the most optimistic about future (according to a survey), we used the newly (and widely) popular rap movement with the new King of Bollywood, Ranveer Singh to tell the story of a resurgent India.

Scratch that itch, gentlemen.
Unless it's because of your underwear.

99% of the time, men reach for their crotch because of bad underwear. This digital flim was produced in-house.

Dust has no place
on memories or fan blades.

The Goodbye Dust series of fans was launched with this endearing father-daughter story. Featured here, the director's cut with a beautifully sung jingle by the fabulous Swanand Kirkire.

Relationships are like ideas.
Make some effort to help them bloom.

Modern relationships face energy-sapping work routine. A woman takes control and brings the magic back in this launch film for the Bloom series.

Sometimes, an effective
story is a simple 1-2-3.

A Paree sanitary pad absorbs in a mind-boggling 3 seconds. Thus, one-two-three, I'm wetness free.

It's all about packaging.

From award-winning packs for single malts to fans, coolers to sanitary pads, tea to what have you, we can take care of all your packaging needs.

We're social.

From government to mouth fresheners, menstrual hygiene to single malts, we've posted it all.

When we turned an everyday insight
into a powerful brand story.
In, er, one minute.

We provided
consumer connectivity
to the biggest
mobility summit.

NITI Aayog hosted MOVE - The Global Mobility Summit in New Delhi. The venue was Vigyan Bhavan, perhaps the most prestigious auditorium in the country. We crafted interesting messages around various aspects of mobility. These messages were plastered in and around the venue and became a major talking point.

When we romanticised
the breaking of
a century old tradition.

Glenfddich has always been about experimentation, ever since William Grant built the distillery brick by brick 128 years ago. Carrying the spirit of innovation and experimentation forward, they recently collaborated with a top mixologist.
The result: never-before cocktails with the most exotic ingredients from across the length and breadth of India. Designing the collaterals for these unique cocktails was a sublime experience.

On Father's Day,
we helped a fashion brand
do something unfashionable.
Make grown up men cry.

On Father's Day, we got Indian Terrain to ask people to do something more than just wish their fathers. We asked them to leave a heartfelt message for their fathers on the Indian Terrain Facebook page. The response was overwhelming and the best five messages were embroidered and the personalised shirts were presented to emotional fathers.

The Government's billion dollar
StartupIndia project launched
hundreds of startups.
Only one startup launched

Our first piece of work as the country's newest independent agency was for #StartupIndia, perhaps the biggest startup summit the world had ever seen. The launch was a huge success and so was all the work we created. Short, snappy and memorable messages were put up across New Delhi. Leading newspapers mentioned that the advertising for the event was one of the highlights of the event itself.

When we realised it's not just
advertising writers who are inspired
by a whisky or two.

The title sponsor of the Jaipur Literature festival was another brand of single malt whisky. This guerilla marketing exercise stole their thunder and everybody joined us in raising a toast to great writers and their great love for whisky

When we shifted
the world's focus to GES.
Not easy in
a city known for
the world's
best biryani.

Hyderabad hosted the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017, a summit unparalleled in scope and scale.
It was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the dignitaries at the summit included Ivanka Trump and many global industry leaders.
We created a communication package that propagated the spirit of entrepreneurship throughout the city and beyond. Biryani, for once, had to take a backseat.

We helped
the enabling
of digital payment
adoption at
the grassroot level
across the country

100 days. 100 different cities and towns. Leaders. Ministers. Celebrities, both national and local. The #ipaydigitally campaign was possibly the most intense digital campaigns India has ever seen.

The next part
of our site
contains stains that may Vanish
when you click here.

The Vanish campaign contained topical posts and a series of 6-second videos produced in-house.


Satbir grew up in Calcutta, which is where he got his love for fish and football. He gave up pursuing a degree in law halfway through the course to join advertising. In a little over two decades in the industry, he has created many memorable campaigns such as Incredible!ndia and Bajaate Raho. He once cracked a script while cooking and it has since become a ritual. You should meet him in the middle of a campaign development. You could be in for a treat.

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